Mobile App – Download and Login

The Telyphone Mobile App for PBX Users can be downloaded by any customer in the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

Any User can find the app by searching for “Snap Mobile”.

They can also get easy access and login instructions through the PBX User Portal.


Some Quick Notes:

  • The Mobile App will automatically create a registration record and add itself as a device to the User logging in. No further configuration is needed.
  • Connections to WiFi networks should be preferred.
  • While mobile data has improved significantly audio quality will only be as good as the internet quality.
  • Mobile devices will not automatically be included in the User simultaneous ring settings.
  • Both the Android and iOS versions of the app support Inbound and Outbound Calling, Contact management, Presence, Visual Voicemail (premium feature), Answering Rule management and Voicemail Greeting management.


How to Download and Login to the Mobile App.

1. Instruct the User to log in to the PBX Portal. You can use the unbranded site at

2. They will log in with the credentials received in the Welcome Email when their User Extension was created.

3. If they did not receive or do not remember their credentials they can use any of the reset options available on the login page. Fos this to work they must have an email address on record. If not you will need to reset it for them.

4. Once logged in, go to the Phones menu and click the SNAP Mobile button. If they logged in as an office manager they will need to go to “My Account” by clicking their name on the top right of the page.

5. The popup window will introduce the app and provide login instructions. The user will login with the same credentials they use for the PBX portal.

6. The Host ID for all users is “mypbx

* Please see the Mobile App – Android or Mobile App – iPhone iOS articles for instructions on how to use the App.